The New Industrial Standard for Hydrogen

Our electrolyzer technology is designed specifically for industrial use—you won’t find our technology being used to fill up cars anytime soon. By working with a wide range of process and waste heat temperatures, we are the ideal green hydrogen technology for industrial customers looking to augment, expand or replace their hydrogen production facilities. If your business runs an exothermic chemical reaction or requires steam for production, we can easily harness this existing energy source to create the lowest-cost green hydrogen on the market.

And, if you’re looking to make ammonia, methanol, or other shippable commodities, and are considering hydrogen production in remote locations (where renewable energy may be plentiful) we’re a great solution, too.

Ammonia Producers

Most ammonia producers are already creating high temperature steam onsite as part of the ammonia production process. By using Symbiotic Electrolyzer Technology, our ammonia-producing customers are able to create hydrogen for less than one dollar per kilogram of hydrogen produced onsite.

Green Materials
(Glass, Fuels, Oils)

The market for green materials is expanding quickly and dramatically, but without a decarbonized hydrogen supply, many products such as glass and biofuels can never be truly green. Advanced Ionics’ Symbiotic Electrolyzer Technology offers an opportunity for low-cost decarbonization of your products. By harnessing the energy you’re already using or creating onsite, we’re the fastest and most efficient path to green hydrogen.

Petrochemical Producers

As a petrochemical producer, you’re already creating hydrogen with best-in-class facilities. As you consider increasing green hydrogen supply to your units, consider the cost reductions enabled by tapping into your existing exothermic processes to offset electricity costs for green hydrogen production. Our solution works with a small footprint and can be augmented into existing footprints, meaning we are also your best choice for expensive marginal hydrogen needs.

Nuclear, Geothermal, and Solar-Thermal Producers

Green hydrogen production for energy storage and arbitrage is a promising future opportunity for energy generators across the globe. Advanced Ionics’ technology can give you a competitive advantage, by tapping into existing steam production to reduce the energy requirements for electrolysis.

Steel Makers

Green steel is the future, and our technology is able to tap into high-temperature steam from steel manufacturing, and lower the cost of hydrogen supply for the reduction of iron ore to iron metal.