Our Early Access Program

How Does It Work?

At Advanced Ionics we’re pioneering a new type of electrolyzer for green hydrogen production. Our water vapor electrolyzer technology works alongside existing industrial processes, tapping into waste and process heat to lower the cost of green hydrogen production to under a dollar per kilogram (considered the gold standard for widespread green hydrogen adoption).

We’ve seen unprecedented inbound interest in our technology from hydrogen producers and consumers across petrochemical companies, ammonia producers, specialty industrial manufacturers, and utilities who are looking to decarbonize their hydrogen supplies. To address this growing demand and to speed our technology to market, we have introduced an Early Access Program that allows our future customers to receive and test our technology at their individual target use cases and operating parameters. Customers who test now will be the first to access our pipeline of commercial-scale units when available.

Program Qualifications

Future customers who are right for this program—

  • Are committed to producing/consuming green hydrogen but see the current economics of green hydrogen as a barrier to adoption and need a solution
  • Have the capacity and team to support a 6 to 12-month trial deployment
  • Currently purchase or produce hydrogen for their facilities
  • Operate a petrochemical or ammonia production facility
  • Are located in North America or Europe

If you believe this program may be right for you, and you are an advocate or decision-maker within your organization, please reach out to earlyaccess@advanced-ionics.com to speak with our team about the parameters and current waitlist for demonstrations.