Hydrogen Without Limits

Green hydrogen is a powerful vision. It’s a global necessity to beat back climate change. But let’s be honest: it’s too expensive. Green hydrogen production costs many times more than its dirty uncle today, and creates exactly the same product.

How can hydrogen producers and users cope? How can you reconcile the demands of sustainability with the need to stay in business? The solution: advanced, next generation ionics that expand the limits of what’s possible.

At Advanced Ionics, we’ve created a green hydrogen platform that allows industrial hydrogen producers and users to achieve sustainability, without sacrificing profit. We combine our breakthrough electrolyzer technology with onsite process and waste heat from industrial sites to produce green hydrogen for less than a dollar per kilogram. Yes, that’s less than fossil-fuel based methods, and possible in many places where hydrogen is produced today or wants to be produced tomorrow.

Our Vision

We’re making a future of sustainable, decarbonized industries worldwide. 

At Advanced Ionics, we’re on a mission to use our high-impact technologies to create sustainable industries for our customers and communities worldwide with the lowest-cost green hydrogen.

A Team of Doers

We’re a team of diverse thinkers and doers with a get-to-work, midwest attitude. We believe in the necessity of hydrogen, the need to decarbonize industry globally, and the power of our technology. As a new-in-town leading innovator in electrolyzer technologies, we’re committed to an open environment of continual improvement. If you’re intrigued by our mission, technology and culture, explore our open roles on our careers page.

Our Leadership

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