Electrify Hydrogen,

the World.

Modern hydrogen requires advanced ionics.

Green hydrogen today is too expensive, driven by sunk costs in fossil technologies, existing infrastructure, and decades of doing things the old way. At Advanced Ionics we’re inventing the clean future of industrial hydrogen with new electrolyzer technology, opening new doors for decarbonization by eliminating the green premium associated with green hydrogen production.


An electrolyzer for every industrial need

Our electrolyzers are designed for industry, allowing our customers to produce green hydrogen symbiotically within their existing facilities and operations, or in remote locations where electricity is abundant and co-generation is not. If you run exothermic reactions and have hydrogen needs, we’re likely right for you.

We use up to 50% less electricity per kilogram of hydrogen

Our Symbiotic™ technology creates electrolyzers that work in an intermediate temperature range, above liquid water but below expensive superheated steam. Our electrolyzers tap into the steam already available in industrial settings, reducing electricity needs. And what’s more, our technology uses common and widely available components to keep capital costs low.

Advanced Ionics - Flow Diagram